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Education is the key to the future of animal welfare


The ISPCA is of the firm belief that education is paramount in the advancement of animal welfare. Ireland’s young people are the future of this country and it is they that will make the decisions in years to come.

As such, the society takes every opportunity to talk to young people and raise their awareness of animal welfare. ISPCA representatives visit schools to conduct educational talks and school groups also visit the National Animal Centre in Keenagh, Co. Longford to see first hand the work that is done there.


Chief Inspector Conor Dowling, accompanied by Rosie the Border Collie, recently visited Lucan Community College in Dublin to speak with some of the students.

Chief Inspector Dowling said “It is great to get a chance to talk to young people about the work that I do and the highs and lows experienced by myself and my colleagues. I also like to discuss how individuals can make a difference to animal welfare”.


If you are interested in visiting the National Animal Centre or would like a talk at your school please contact us at or on 043 3325035.

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