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Dog rescued with devastating injury

When Misha was rescued she had a devastating injury. The outer skin of her lower jaw had been completely torn away, leaving the flesh underneath exposed and bleeding. She was in a very bad way. The pain and hurt from her injuries must have been agonizing and any infection could have caused septicemia. Misha was rushed to the vets where she received pain relief and the emergency care needed to save her life. We are sad to say that what happened to her may have been deliberate; may have been part of an illegal ‘sporting’ activity called badger baiting.

Misha’s rescue happened just last week when the ISPCA were called to assist the Gardaí. We will continue to work with the Gardaí and other authorities to apprehend and prosecute any individual involved in such horrific and tortuous activities whenever possible.

It will take a long time for Misha to recover physically. Our animal carers are watching over her closely.  Her lower jaw will slowly heal but will remain badly scarred – a reminder of the cruel ordeal inflicted on her. Her veterinary treatment, medications and behavioural care are expensive, and she will need to stay with us until fully healed.

Will you help us if you can, with a kind donation so that we can rescue more animals like Misha?

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