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Dog rescued from Arklow marsh

A tricolour terrier type dog which had been stranded for at least three days on marshes beside the Avoca River in Arklow, Co. Wicklow was today rescued from its ordeal. Chief Inspector Conor Dowling of the Irish Society for the Prevention of cruelty to Animals responded to a report from a concerned member of the public which came through the ISPCA National Animal Helpline.

Chief Inspector Dowling found the dog huddled in dense undergrowth on the bank of dyke which runs along the edge of the marsh. “The poor dog was clearly petrified” said Mr. Dowling, “though not injured it would not move or respond to coaxing”.

With the help of local residents Chief Inspector Dowling was able to cross the dyke. The terrified animal initially tried to flee from its would-be rescuers but, with assistance from Wicklow SPCA representatives, the dog was secured.

A vet check found the dog, named Toby by his rescuers, to be cold and miserable but otherwise healthy. He was prescribed only food, water and heat and is currently being held at an animal rescue centre. If not claimed Toby will be offered for adoption.

Chief Inspector Dowling commented “we know from locals that the dog was in this predicament for at least three days but it is possible that he may have been in the vicinity for longer and may even have been caught up in the serious flooding that recently affected the Ferrybank area”.

Anyone with any information on Toby should contact the ISPCA on 043 3325035.

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