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Dog Grooming during COVID-19

12th May 2020

The ISPCA has received a number of queries from dog groomers and their clients raising concerns about the welfare of dogs that urgently need to be groomed during the COVID19 crisis.

Animal welfare is an essential service and necessary animal welfare interventions can and should continue.

The ISPCA would advise dog groomers that they can provide an emergency service for clients whose dogs need urgent grooming to prevent welfare problems. Groomers should assess each dog on a case by case basis by photos or video conferencing. If the groomer considers that grooming is necessary, they should arrange for the client to attend their premises by appointment and implement protocols that maintain good hygiene and social distancing.

Personal Protection Equipment (e.g. disposable gloves) should be used Appropriate at all times.

The ISPCA sought clarity on this from the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine (DAFM) which provided similar advice in response to a parliamentary question recently.

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