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Commission urged to prohibit cloning for food after MEPs vote to support ban

Commission urged to prohibit cloning for food after MEPs vote to support ban European parliamentarians today voted with an overwhelming majority in favour of a proposal to ban cloning of animals for food. No fewer than 630 MEPs voted in favour
and only 32 against. The motion for resolution was initiated by the Intergroup on Animal Welfare, and urges the Commission to prohibit cloning of animals for food and any products from cloned animals and their offspring. Cloning is an inefficient process that causes animals to suffer at every stage.

Neil Parish, president of the Parliamentary Intergroup on Animal Welfare, said: "Today MEPs showed they care about animals by voting for a ban on cloning for food. We now call on the Commission to follow their good example and come up
with a strong proposal that will protect the welfare of animals."

The news has been welcomed by Eurogroup for Animals, which provides the secretariat for the Intergroup and which has been campaigning against cloning for food.

Director Sonja Van Tichelen said: “After MEPs voted with such an overwhelming majority to oppose cloning of animals for food, the Commission can't afford to ignore their message. It is now up to the Commission to take up the challenge and act to stop cloning of animals for food being approved in the EU.

"Cloned animals suffer from more defects and die earlier than conventionally bred animals. Consumers have not asked for cloning, so why put animals through the pain and distress involved with it?"

The results of a Eurobarometer survey on consumer attitudes towards cloning of animals for food will be published this autumn. After that the Commission is expected to publish its proposal. (updated 03/09/08)

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