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A little kitten called Lucky

7th July 2022

Every year during kitten season, hundreds of tiny kittens are left vulnerable and in need of care. Many are abandoned without their mothers. These orphan kittens have no way to feed or fend for themselves. Every minute they are alone, their young lives are in danger from attack and from the elements.

They arrive at our rescue centres underweight and small for their age, needing round-the-clock care to survive. The very youngest are fed by syringe every few hours before moving onto bottles. Most will be riddled with fleas and parasites, and some will also be suffering from cat flu and eye infections. The veterinary treatment and care they need to recover is expensive.

Lucky was only a few weeks old when he was found all alone. Lucky is blind in both eyes, but that doesn’t hold him back from making friends. Lucky will learn to rely on other senses, such as his whiskers, to judge distance, and scent glands on his paws will help him navigate.

With food in his belly, and a clean, safe place to sleep, Lucky can grow to be the playful, happy kitten he's meant to be.

Because of compassionate ISPCA supporters, Lucky will go to a loving owner with a safe and secure home. But he’s just one of many unwanted kittens and helpless, heavily pregnant Moms coming in to our rescue centres right now.

If you can, please help with a kind donation here so that many more of these precious lives can be saved over the summer months. Together we can make sure they all get the love and care they deserve. Thank you.

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