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A kitten called Valentine

14th February 2022

The sound of crying led to this kitten being found in the grass beside a busy car park. Although there were no signs of injury, she was just lying there listlessly. She was brought to the Vets by the kind person who found her. X-rays quickly showed that she was suffering from multiple pelvic fractures, the most serious being a fracture of her right ilial wing needed for weight bearing.  Muscle tears have also caused a hernia in her abdominal wall.

Without surgery, she will not survive. With no micro-chip and no sign of an owner, the ISPCA were contacted so that this brave little kitten could get the care she needs.
This sweet seven-month-old kitten radiates love and happiness despite her painful ordeal. That’s why she was named Valentine. Valentine is being kept comfortable and warm. Her surgery and care will be expensive, and she will need many weeks to recover as well as physio to get back on her feet.

Animals like Valentine give us so much joy, enriching our lives with unconditional love and companionship. We know that like us, you believe that all animals should get the chance to live the happy life they deserve. If you can and would like to make a kind donation so that the ISPCA can continue to help animals like Valentine get the care they need please visit our webpage here.

PS. We’ll make sure to keep you updated on Valentine’s surgery and care.

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