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A brave little pony called May

2nd June 2022

This gentle little pony strayed onto a busy road at the start of May. Our Inspector found her trembling and in pain with many wounds to her face and neck.  May, as she’s been called, was brought to the National Animal Centre for urgent treatment. She had what looked like a massive bite injury across her lower neck. Hard, leather like scar tissue had formed and was swollen and inflamed.  The vet removed all this dead skin to prevent life threatening infection; exposing flesh and blood almost the size of an A4 piece of paper. Although unbearably painful this gentle young filly never showed any fear or any aggression.   

May on arrival at the National Animal Centre.


At first, the Vet had to re-access her neck wound twice a week to clean it. May has bravely endured this. It’s as if she knows she is now safe, that the life ahead of her will be nothing like the past.  She will need to remain under Vet supervision for many more months such is the extent of her injuries.

May’s neck wound covered with antibiotic cream - other images are just too awful to share.

After all that May has been through in her short life, her sweet and gentle nature is all the more amazing. The Vet advised, that untreated, the large wound on her neck would not have healed. May will always carry the scars of what happened to her but thanks to compassionate ISPCA supporters she will be lovingly cared for her until the scars on the inside have healed too.

May is now safe, happy, and healing, in the summer meadows at the National Animal Centre.

A kind donation from you today, could help rescue more hurt and injured animals like May so that they too can get the treatment, care, and love they desperately need. And when ready, a happy, loving home. If you can, please donate here.

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