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ISPCA Inspectors need your help to put a STOP to cruel and illegal puppy farms

Case notes extracts can be found here.

There has been a huge demand for pets during lockdown and there are more illegal puppy farms than ever before. Cruel places where dogs are bred in squalid and dangerous conditions and their puppies sold for big prices.

ISPCA Inspectors have uncovered twelve illegal puppy farms in the first six months of this year alone. Most of these are now closed and case files are being prepared against some to help prosecute and hold the people who ran them accountable. Hundreds of dogs and puppies have already been removed and taken to safety.  

This cruelly treated, neglected and exhausted Golden Cocker Spaniel and her pups were recently rescued. From our case notes, we estimate Nala to be two to three years old, nursing three pups of approximately two weeks old. All appeared to be in good physical health but the Mum is extremely nervous of human contact.

This tiny cramped prison is the only life Nala has known. 

Such cruelty and neglect can cause serious health problems for these poor unloved dogs. Many have matted coats that are caked in faeces from lying in their own excrement or suffer painful skin infections and open sores due to wet bedding. Overgrown nails can lead to serious infections so that it is painful to walk or even move. Lack of hygiene, and of the grooming and clipping care needed by breeds such as Pomeranians, Shih-Tzus, and Spaniels, can be devastating. Other health problems that such filthy conditions can cause these poor animals include ear mites, eye ulcers, and eyes that are blinded by wet mats of hair.

Sadly, a puppy bred in such poor conditions can often be very sick and unhealthy too.

Mum to be Vivian is another dog rescued from an illegal Dog Breeding Establishment by the ISPCA. The case notes from our Inspector’s report show her to be an expectant white poodle mix around two years old. Her coat was very heavily matted and smelt strongly of urine and faeces. Her skin visibly raw red and sore (wet straw bedding). All her nails were terribly overgrown and starting to bend restricting her ability to move or walk.

We need help to stop these cruel and illegal puppy farms and bring more dogs like Nala and Vivian to safety and the veterinary care and comfort they deserve. And when ready a happy life in a loving home. We’re asking all animal lovers, if they can, to please help with a kind donation to save more innocent dogs from puppy farms.

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