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Lost & Found

Lost Dog Checklist

Dogs found straying will be picked up by the dog warden and taken to the local dog pound. They will  be kept for at least five days and will make every effort to reunite them with their owner.  It is important to ensure your dog is microchipped and that your contact details are up to date. 

Check with your local rescue groups, veterinary clinics, dog kennels, dog groomers, pet shops to see if they have information about your lost pet.  

Share on social media and ask your friends and family to share.

Put up posters, include a photo and your phone number but we recommend not to ask for a reward.If you find your dog remember to take the posters down, inform and thank those who helped you in your search and also remove your post from the ISPCA website lost page.

Go to places that you regularly walk your dog. He/she may have just decided to take himself for a walk (you should have a secure garden - important to rectify this if you don't) 

It is really important you have your dog microchipped and your contact details should be up-to-date so you can be reunited quickly.  An ID tag on the collar is always best too.  Microchipping is now a legal requirement so if your dog is not microchipped, make an appointment to see your vet today.

Phone your local dog warden/dog pound daily.

Contact the county council in your area, they all have a service which collects road traffic accident animals hit by cars etc. (it is sad to think about this, but it would be better to know).

If you have other dogs, bring them out with you when you are looking for the lost one - they will smell their housemate much sooner than you will see him/her, and they will leave a scent that may help the lost animal to find their way back.

Contact your local Gardai Station and eave your contact details and a description/photo of your dog with the Garda Stations nearest to you (in the surrounding region as well).