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Lost & Found

Lost your Cat

If after all your care your cat still goes missing there are things that you can do remember, speed is very important - starting the search sooner rather than later gives a much better chance of success.

Compose a leaflet giving a good description of your cat, age, sex, whether neutered, colour, noting any distinguishing features and, if possible, including a recent photograph.

Make photocopies and leaflet the entire area, not just your road but all the surrounding area.

People soon forget a notice in the shop window but tend to focus on a leaflet through the door.

Ask local shops to display one in a prominent position, also the local vet, surgeries, supermarket notice boards etc. Contact your local welfare groups on a daily basis.

Try to advertise in the media and continue to put put up ads.  Cats have been found months after being lost, mainly due to their owners' perseverance.

Ask neighbours to check sheds and garages. If there is construction work in progress in the area check carefully and alert the builders.

Search around the roads calling your cat by name and also using whatever method you use to call him/her to meals

The refuse/bin disposal men are usually very helpful and sympathetic and will be able to give you a description of any cat, victim of an accident, that has been found in the area. You could also contact your local authority, and keep in touch with your local vets too. Finding out that you cat has died is heartbreaking but it is better to know.

Don't give up hope, keep searching and follow up every lead.

Create a lost posting on the ISPCA website on the link here and read more tips and advice