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The ISPCA is the national animal welfare charity in Ireland that prevents cruelty to animals.

With 88% of our total income coming from public donations and legacies, we depend on your generosity to rescue, rehabilitate and responsibly rehome animals that have been subjected to cruelty and neglect. Last year over 17,000 cases of animal cruelty were reported to our Helpline. 3,494 cases were investigated by our fully trained Animal Welfare Inspectors. Our three Centres admitted 1,102 rescued animals including 616 dogs, 348 cats, 57 equines, and 81 other animals. 

Gifts in wills are critical to help us rescue animals suffering from neglect and abuse. Your support means that the animals we rescue each day can be cared for. The food...the kennel... the veterinary treatment... Your gift could help us initiate more investigations and rescue and rehome more animals. We currently have 9 Inspectors across 17 counties and we would like to be in every county in Ireland. Help us rescue more animals so they can find their loving home. 

What can a gift in your will do?

A gift in your will, small or large, can help save animals' lives. Leaving the ISPCA a gift can buy the food, the treatment, the training and the care and support the animals need so they can find that loving home. 

Legacy Leaflet

  • If you leave €300, the ISPCA can provide nourishing food that an animal needs during their recovery
  • Vital veterinary care can cost up to €500 depending on the animal
  • To feed a horse or donkey can cost up to €1,000
  • To erect a purpose built concrete compound for dogs costs up to €7,000
  • To develop a sand pit for horses in our Equine Rescue Centre in Mallow costs €8,000
  • For €10,000, you can help the ISPCA replace livestock fencing
  • To establish a rainwater harvesting system at our National Animal Centre in Longford would be around €30,000
  • A gift of €40,000 would fund our National Animal Cruelty Helpline for 1 year
  • €50,000 would help the ISPCA appoint an Inspector covering 1-2 counties for 1 year, this includes wages, van and kit

After you've looked after family and friends, please consider the ISPCA

Putting a gift in your will to the ISPCA does not mean neglecting your family and friends. Of course you can put them first, but if there is any room for a legacy to the ISPCA, please think about the many animals in our care. It doesn't matter how much you can give, they need people like you supporting them.

To find out more about remembering the ISPCA in your will, please download our leaflet, or alternatively call (043) 33 25035 (3) in the strictest of confidence, or email

Sincere thanks, thoughts and prayers to all that have remembered the ISPCA.

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The ISPCA Memory Garden that enhances the enclosed woodland area at the National Animal Centre, expresses the ISPCA’s gratitude to all those who have given animals a second chance through a bequest in their will.

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