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Imagine a world without animal cruelty - how a gift in your will can change the life of an animal that is suffering now 

ISPCA Senior Inspector Lisa O'Donovan said:  "Living a legacy gift to support our work is a great way to make a real difference helping the animals who are voiceless and need us the most. We believe every animal deserves to live a life free from cruelty, neglect and abuse.  When we rescue animals that are in desperate need, they are taken into our care, treated and nurtured back to health, giving them a second chance of a happy new life.  When someone decides to leave the ISPCA a life-saving gift in their will, their kindness and their generosity lives on, making an enormous difference to the animals that are suffering now, and well into the future.  Your gift will directly enable us to continue creating hope for so many animals that we rescue every day from the most appalling conditions imaginable. We sincerely thank you for this support".

Gifts, no matter how big or small, will help animals who need us the most.  Thank you for caring!

Once you've had the time to reflect and discuss your wishes with those who are close to you, we'd love to know your intentions as it will help us plan for the future to ensure we can maximise our resources to protect Ireland's most vulnerable animals.  If you have decided to support the many animals that depend on the ISPCA, we would love to hear from you. Download our brochure for more information. 

After you've looked after family and friends, please consider supporting the ISPCA.  Leaving a gift in your will can help the ISPCA build a better and brighter future for neglected and cruelly treated animals giving you peace of mind that you will be helping animals long into the future and after you're gone, but keeping your legacy alive. 

To find out more about remembering the ISPCA in your will, please download our brochure here or call Brid Sweeney in the strictest of confidence, on (043) 33 25035 (press option 1) or email

  • If you leave a gift of €300, the ISPCA can provide nourishing food for a rescued animal to help them during their recovery in our care
  • €500 will provide urgent veterinary treatment to help an animal suffering depending on the animal
  • To feed a horse or a donkey can cost up to €1,000 
  • To build a secure dog exercise area can cost up to €7,000
  • To develop a sand arena to bring on rescued horses, ponies and donkeys could cost up to €8,000
  • A gift of €10,000 can help the ISPCA replace old fencing at our Centres that is in need of repair
  • A rainwater harvesting system at our National Animal Centre could cost in the region of €30,000
  • A gift of €40,000 would fund our National Animal Cruelty Helpline 1890 515 515 for one year
  • A gift of €50,000 would help the ISPCA appoint a new Animal Welfare Inspector to cover one to two new counties for a year to include wages, a vehicle, uniform, phone, computer etc.

Sincere thanks to all those that have remembered the ISPCA in their will.

The ISPCA Memory Garden that enhances the enclosed woodland area at the National Animal Centre, expresses the ISPCA’s gratitude to all those who have given animals a second chance through a gift to the ISPCA in their will.

When you leave a gift to the ISPCA in your will, your legacy lives on...  For more information about leaving a Legacy Gift to the ISPCA, please read our brochure here

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