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The ISPCA Memory Garden was opened in the beautiful surroundings of our National Animal Centre in May 2013, by ISPCA Ambassador Anne Doyle.

Enhancing the enclosed woodland area at the National Animal Centre to create the memory garden is our way to express the ISPCA’s gratitude to all those who have given animals a second chance through a bequest in their will.

We were overwhelmed by the support of the local community and businesses in creating the ISPCA Memory Garden. Everyone was incredibly generous donating materials, services, time and expertise and it simply would not have been possible without them.


Together we have created a place of beauty, peace and reflection which conveys our respect for those who have given animals a better life in their passing.  The garden compliments nature and its woodland setting creates a sense of calm which envelops you when you spend time there.

Wonderful pieces of original art and craftwork enhance the environment inviting visitors to enjoy the beautiful surroundings and remind us that not only is the Memory Garden a place of remembrance, it is also a place of life.


Some of the features in the garden are:


Mother Nature sculpture

This sculpture leads the way to the Memory Garden and captures the connection between nature, mankind and animals. A variety of animals have been artistically carved out of the ash. Come and visit the garden to see which ones have made an appearance.

Stone Built Memory Circle

The Memory Circle is a permanent tribute to those that have supported the ISPCA rescue animals from neglect and cruelty.  Dark natural granite defines the circle and contrasts to the salmon slate from the Arigna Mountains.  The circle hosts the eternal flame sculpture and both features complete the reflective area.

Eternal Flame Sculpture

This extraordinary art work has been thoughtfully crafted out of Laston Cypress to create the eternal flame.  The piece conveys the continuing care for animals people have provided when they have passed.

Memory Tree

Sitting inside the Memory Circle a young sapling is symbolic of life and growth. Families of loved ones who cared for animals are invited to tie a ribbon to the sapling in their memory. They can take comfort in the difference their loved one made to suffering animals.

Legacy Board Sculpture

The handcrafted frame that surrounds the ISPCA’s Legacy benefactors is crafted in memory of the ISPCA’s kind benefactors.  The organic flowing Cedar frame has soft corners, and is intended to be caressed by the hand so that visitors can have a physical connection to the people who have left.

Sculptured Benches

Subtly created to fit in with the natural environment, the handcrafted benches have been carved with our fore-fathers ancient and powerful symbols.  The spirals represent growth, birth and expansion of consciousness. The benches adorn the footpath and the reflection area.

Wishing Well

Many people believe that water has healing powers, our Celtic fore-fathers considered springs and wells sacred places. The tradition of dropping a gift of coins was so that a deity would show appreciation, now commonly called a wish!

The beautiful stone well in the Memory Garden is intended to bring healing to those that have lost loved ones from the animal kingdom.  We encourage pet owners to visit the Memory Garden and cast their pet tags into the  well, it is a beautiful and soulful place to enjoy the memories you shared!

Wind Chimes

Soft chime echo around the beautiful woodland garden as an audible tribute to those people who have helped animals by leaving a legacy to the ISPCA. The chimes are complimented by natural birdsong and complete the beautiful and reflective environment.