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Zola did not take long at all to settle in to her new home

Nikki, Zola’s new owner sent us a lovely update.  Here is what she had to say: “Zola did not take long at all to settle in to her new home. She gets on great with Alfred who is of similar age and they spend their days running after each other on the lawn which is now full of tracks and she has also taken over Alfred’s spot on the couch.  Our older pet Shadow is the matriarch of the group and Zola understands the hierarchy . She tends to be more at ease with women and children and allows my nephew and niece to pet her.

She didn’t bark at all for quite a while after we brought her home but she is now more than happy to let me know when play time is over and when it’s time to come back into the house or especially when an unknown male walks in. She is building confidence daily and we can see how happy she is when out playing with our other dogs. We wouldn’t be without her. Nikki


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