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‘We love and care for each other every day’: Lulu’s adopter says she is the one who was rescued

25 FEBRUARY 2019

“Lulu is my shining star. She has rescued me,” said Helen, who adopted her dog Lulu in August 2015 after she was rescued from a puppy farm in Myshall, Carlow.

Helen says the day she and her husband went to adopt Lulu was a wonderful one, and that Lulu has given her many joy-filled days since.

Helen and her husband called their dog “the baby,” because they had never had children of their own. Together they made a closely-knit family, and Lulu became a constant companion in their everyday life.

But sadly, Helen lost her husband in July 2017. Since then, Helen and Lulu have been on their own, and Helen says Lulu is “a true friend.”

“Lulu is a quiet little dog who likes to have an eye on me at all times. She is a very loyal companion,” Helen added.

“Thanks to all of you in Keenagh for rescuing this little bundle of joy ,and taking such loving care after her rescue ,and most of all for giving her to  us. We love and care for each other every day That’s what it’s all about.”

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