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Two ducks adopted from our Equine Rescue Centre in Mallow have settled in perfectly

29 MARCH 2019

Two ducks adopted from the ISPCA Equine Rescue Centre in Mallow have settled in well with their family of fowl.

The family already had a number of rescued chickens and water fowl on their property.

“When we heard about ducks that had been rescued and were with the ISPCA, we didn’t hesitate to offer help,” said adopter Eva.

The family are incredibly fond of each of their rescue birds, and were delighted to welcome this pair of ducks. At first they were slightly nervous when approached, but after a few days and plenty of treats they settled right in. The two ducks love swimming in their family’s pond, and picking seeds alongside the chickens under the bird feeder.

“Each one has a different personality which they express freely, as they are kept free-range on our property with plenty of stimulus,” Eva said.

“Thank you ISPCA for your amazing work,” she added.

Thank you Eva for the lovely update on these two ducks!

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