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Trudy and Auggie

We loved this update on two of the ISPCA's former residents! Trudy the dog and Auggie the cat were both adopted from the ISPCA National Animal Centre several years ago, and we are delighted to see how settled and happy they are at home.

"I have been meaning to send you an update on Trudy – we adopted her in March 2013 and she has been amazing. Trudy loves her daily walks and loves nothing better than to be let off her lead. She darts around and there is no way you could run with her when shes off the lead – she’s amazingly fast. She is extremely affectionate and loves to give kisses and cuddles however she is afraid of our male cat (his name is July). Trudy is bigger than him and it can be funny to see Trudy avoid him, as he is just a big oaf. Our female cat August (Auggie) was also adopted from the ISPCA (think it was about 2008) and she is also doing great. She’s such a sweetie, quite shy and does not like to be picked up but happy to rub up against you, all on her terms. Being a pet owner takes a lot of commitment but gives great rewards. Think carefully before you take that step but you will have friends for life who love you without conditions."

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