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Tiger the Lurcher loves all the comforts in her new home

9 JANUARY 2019

Tiger is enjoying all the jumpers, jackets, cuddles and naps her new home has to offer.

“She’s a lady of comfort,” said Tiger’s new owner, Olga. “She’s so cosy in her jumpers, it’s hard to get her up for the morning walk, and she won't even leave the house without a jacket!"

Luckily for Tiger, Olga has plans to sew one or two more. Pretty soon she'll have a wardrobe stylish enough to make any lady jealous! 

Tiger certainly seems to love her sleep, and makes some funny faces while snoozing away.

She’s a character who always tries to steal a bit of food, is fascinated with squeaky toys and enjoys a big run in the local dog park.

Her family’s other dog, Kirby , is slowly accepting Tiger into the home and teaching her some ground rules.

“He lets her know when Tiger tries to chew something she’s not supposed to,” said Olga.

 “They’re not the best of friends just yet – Kirby is still getting used to the idea of not being the only dog – but they sometimes play and bark at the post man together. It’s a good start,” she added.

We are delighted to hear Tiger is settling in well! Thank you to Olga for the update!

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