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Thumper the bunny loves bananas and belly rubs

26 JULY 2018

Thumper (since renamed Strauss) is a gorgeous white bunny adopted from the ISPCA one year ago.

All personality, this 2.3kg bunny zooms around the house all day, stopping only for belly rubs or his favourite treat: bananas.

“He can somehow smell them from the next room and comes hopping in,” said his owner, Sarah.

Thumper’s family chose to adopt him after they had bought another bunny, Poppy. “It became clear Poppy needed a partner, bunnies are so much happier in a pairing,” Sarah said.

“Thumper loves being minded by Poppy. He really is the best boy, he makes an amazing ‘husbun’ for her,” she added.

Thumper and Poppy have the run of the house, and only use their hutch to go to the toilet. They are both bold bunnies.

“They’re confident,” said Sarah. “Too confident, in fact.”

“Thumper took time to come around to us,” Sarah went on.

“He didn't know he liked to be rubbed or touched, but with time and love he actually melts when he gets a rub; he closes his eyes and loves it.”

“He also gives kisses when asked, and he loves grabbing a toy and running off with it.”

Sarah said she was apprehensive about adopting a bunny, having purchased Poppy first. But, she said, it’s the “best thing we ever did.”

The family are delighted Thumper is theirs. Thank you, Sarah, for the lovely update!

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