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Teddy’s Tail of Triumph

Today's Happy Tail is from Karen, who adopted Teddy back in July. Teddy was with us for nearly 3 months in ISPCA care. Teddy was rescued from a puppy farm with very poor coat condition.

Here is how Teddy is getting on at his forever home:

"Teddy is our beloved doggie adopted from the ISPCA, he has a fluffy coat and calm gentle personality.

Teddy has quickly become a very important member of our family.  From the moment we brought him home his tail has been wagging and his eyes have been sparkling  Teddy is not just a pet, he's a bundle of fun and brings laughter and warmth to our home.

He never leaves our side, loves cuddles and his dinner. He reminds us every day of the positive impact that adoption can have on both a pet's life and our own.

We are so grateful for Teddy and for the incredible work the team at the ISPCA do every day."

We would like to thank Karen for her kind words and for sending us this lovely update on how Teddy is getting on at his forever home.

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