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Sooty the mother cat finds a home of her own


Sooty reared three beautiful kittens while in ISPCA care before being adopted herself.  

This gorgeous cat’s new family says she is getting braver and bolder by the day, and has grown comfortable with the family’s dog, Cooper, and their other two cats, Lunky and Monkey.  

“She’ll go near the dog now and she’s fine if he comes over to her,” said new owner Carol. “She’ll get a bit spooked if he comes running into the room, but she’s figured out she can hop up on the table to get away from him.”

Although Sooty hasn’t fully explored her new house yet, she is an affectionate cat and comes over to be pet most of the time one of her new family members enters the room.

“We sometimes find her exploring when we come back from taking Cooper out,” said Carol. “I haven’t let her outside yet because she’s so teeny-tiny.”  

Overall, Sooty’s family are happy with how quickly she’s settling in.

“We have another cat who was feral for several years before we took him in. In many ways, she adapted more quickly than he did,” said Carol.

Thank you to Carol for the wonderful update! The ISPCA has a number of gorgeous cats who need patient, loving homes that will give them the time to grow. Visit our rehoming pages, your new best friend could be waiting. 

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