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My family adopted Shadow (Or Nelly as she was called when she was there) last August. My mam kept meaning to send you pictures but never got around to it. Seeing as she was a nervous wreck when we first got her and spent her days peeing and shaking in the corner of the room, she has come along greatly. Although she is still nervous of children and prams you wouldn't believe the difference in her. She loves to play and is still as hyper as anything even after her three walks a day! Although some nights if we throw the ball far enough for her she will just settle down in front of the fire. In the past couple of months she has become cheeky as anything and jumps up onto the sofa which my mam desperately tries to keep fur free! She'll chew anything and the house has to be constantly Shadow-proofed! Even with her nervousness she is the best little dog and the entire family love her. I'd like to thank you for recommending her and although she can be can hard work we couldn't have choosen a better dog. Also your staff were extremely helpful in guiding us in the right way to Shadow's steady recovery. We don't have many pictures of Shadow as our camera is broken but I've attatched one taken while she was recovering from being neutered and another one of her ripping up my sisters 'L' plates after she passed her driving test last week.

Thanks again

P.S. I'm not sure if you can see it in the photos but she still has her little mohawk smile

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