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Sansa the Staffie is ‘a comfort and companion to all’ in her new family

14  AUGUST 2018

Sansa is a Staffordshire bull terrier who has adapted well to her new home, and is a perfect part of her family.

Sansa came to the ISPCA National Animal Centre in February 2018, and charmed the entire staff with her charismatic character. She is full of life, and loves nothing more than attention and a good scratch. Everyone at the NAC was delighted to see Sansa go to a good home. 

The gorgeous girl’s new owner Sinead sent along some photos of Sansa to let her know how well she gets on with all in her family, and to demonstrate what fantastic pets staffies can make.

“She is a comfort and companion to all,” said Sinead. “And she’s protective, too.”

The ISPCA currently has two Staffies available for adoption at the National Animal Centre: Jasmine and Stitch. Staffordshire bull terriers are a restricted breed, and adopters should be aware of what this entails. Please email for more information.

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