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Rose and Gollum

We were truly blessed this year with some fantastic homes for our cats, providing our feline friends with loving forever homes.

This is true of a lovely lady Orla who came to us & chose a white kitten Rose to adopt. While at the centre her husband fell in love with a pregnant Torti cat we had and also placed a reserve on Fleur. Rose was able to head off home soon after but Fleur had to stay with us for a while yet. These kind folks waited patiently for Fleur to give birth, rear her babies and when she was neutered she was finally able to head off home to her new life.

We are happy to report the two cats bonded very well and both Orla & her husband are over the moon with their own favourite cat. Rose kept her name & Fleur was renamed and is now affectionately called Gollum which I am sure she doesn’t mind in the slightest looking at the attached photograph!

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