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Princess and Snowie


The two dogs pictured above were rescued from Cork county.  The conditions the dogs were forced to live in was described by Inspector O’Donovan as “Horrendous”.

Upon veterinary examination, it was discovered that Snowie, a Japanese Spitz, had developed a massive tumour on his neck, just under the chin. The tumour was very large, and because of its placement dangerously close to major veins and arteries was going to be difficult to remove. The operation to remove the tumour was successful, but sadly post-operative complications meant that Snowie did not recover his health.

Princess, however really has found a new lease of life with the Regan family.  

Princess back for a visit

Princes back to the NAC for a Visit

“We adopted Princess in August of last year, but it feels like she has always been here. She fitted in so well we often think she is haunted by our old dog Jodi, they are so alike in personality, is unbelievable.  Princess is a great guard dog so much so no one can arrive unannounced!  She loves the kids & they equally love her back. When she arrived she liked to bark at the horses but showed no interested in the chase, which is great. There were some teething issues with the cat as they decided who was the boss, as it turns out its Polly the cat & now they are the best of friends.  We are so happy with Princess & love her dearly.”

The Regan Family

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