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Poppy the Collie was the first dog adopted from the ISPCA Donegal Animal Rehabilitation Centre

30 JANUARY 2019

Poppy the Collie was the first dog to be officially adopted from the ISPCA Donegal Animal Rehabilitation Centre.

Her family is delighted to have this special girl as a member of the family, and even sent us a gorgeous video update! Poppy is thriving in her home with all of the newfound love and attention.

Poppy came to the ISPCA Centre in Donegal after her former owner made a call to our National Animal Cruelty Helpline. He was struggling to care for her due to a sudden illness, and knew the best choice was to ask for help. He signed Poppy over into our care so she could continue to have the care she needed.  

Over two months in our Centre Poppy received some veterinary care, a bath, lead training and basic obedience training to get ready for a new home. She thrived at the training, and enjoyed the love and attention she received from us!

It wasn’t long before Poppy was ready for a new home, and soon she got to pack her doggie bags and head off with her new family!

“Thank you ISPCA Donegal Animal Rehabilitation Centre  for choosing us to be Poppy’s forever family,” her adopters said.

We are delighted that our first adopted dog is going so well, and bringing so much joy to her family. Thank you for the lovely video update!  

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