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I thought I would let you know how Poppy (previously known as Anna) is getting on in her new home. Poppy has been with us since October 4th, and has settled in really well. She is honestly the messiest dog I have ever met, and often digs up, then brings in huge hunks of dirt and grass to play with. It's quite funny really, you really never know where you are going to find grass in the house.

Our other dog, Coby, has accepted her, and they have recently began to sleep together in the dog bed. He is still the boss though, but Poppy will happily follow his lead. Coby let it known very early on that he sit on the left side of my chair, so now if you walk in and I am sitting down, you will find Coby on the left and Poppy on the right. There are some evenings that it is very difficult to get up out of the chair without falling over the dog tangle!

When Poppy first came home, she was so scared of everything. House training was difficult, especially because she was terrified of newspaper! She is still scared of the oddest things, like the washing basket and the pop of the toaster, but slowly her fears are beginning to subside. She is really scared of large open spaces, like the field surrounding the house, but she is starting to follow Coby out now, although she keeps a very close eye on where we are. If we move, you can guarentee she will be over with us like a shot. We think that there was a violent man in her past because she still shys away from any man she dosen't know, where she isn't as shy with women. We don't force her to meet with people, we are slowly introducing her to more people the more secure she gets.

Poppy is very gentle with the boys, although she prefers the baby over the 4 year old. I think this is for two reasons - one being that the baby is quieter, and the other being that she has figured out that the baby is the one who is more likely to drop food! Poppy will sit very patiently under the high chair with a very expectant look on her face. She sometimes even sits there when the baby isn't in it! The baby is just beginning to talk, and one of the clear words is Pop, usually said when looking at her.

I have included some photos of her. She is still thin, but I have had to loosen her collar twice since she has come home. She loves chicken, and the leftovers in the house are a thing of the past!

Thank you for allowing us to bring her home. There is still lot of work to do with her, but she is well and truely part of the family now.

Kind regards,

Kate Nolan and family

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