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Penny is loving life in her new home this Christmas

Earlier this month, a Tipperary woman was convicted of four counts of cruelty under the Animal Health and Welfare Act (AHWA), 2013. 

ISPCA Animal Welfare Inspector Emma Carroll discovered a small white dog who was very matted and dishevelled in the back garden which was filled with rubbish, faeces as well as urine-soaked bedding. She was seized and upon veterinary examination was found to be severely matted and had saliva staining. Antibiotics were also administered for a cough as well as a much-needed groom. After her recovery in ISPCA care, she was rehomed. 

We were so delighted to hear from Penny's new family who sent us in this lovely update:

"Penny is a dream dog full of life and a real woman."

"I have 2 other dogs who are her buddies and I have to say it is hard to imagine life without her now. Penny is having a wonderful life now and living the dog dream but like all dogs give far more back and never goes unappreciated. I am one lucky owner of a beautiful dog and so lucky I found Penny through the ISPCA."

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