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Lovely update from Patchy, all settled in her new home! 

"Hi all! Patchy here! Previously known as Mittens, but Mommy and Daddy thought Patchy fit my pirate-ness a little better. I was a little confused when I first got into the car with Mommy but once she put her hand in my carrier and pet me I knew everything was ok! There's so much to explore in my new home, it took me about thirty minutes to check it all out then I realized this place is all mine!! Every night me, Mommy and Daddy cuddle on the couch together and play with all my toys even though I prefer the box I found. Mommy and Daddy bought me a really nice bed...but I think sleeping in between them is more comfortable and they think that too, so the cuddling doesn't stop when we turn the TV off!! Mommy says I'm the biggest love bug and Daddy is always calling me his little man and they both give me lots of kisses! I hope my other friends find great homes like I have and have Mommys and/or Daddys that love them like mine do!! Sending lots of kisses!"

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