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Nothing stops German Shepherd mother Olivia from loving one-hundred percent

27 FEBRUARY 2019

Olivia is a clever, loving, “life-sized teddy” according to her adopter Michelle, who brought home this gorgeous German Shepherd mother in November 2018.

“She loves cuddles and will sit with (on) you all day long if you rub her belly,” Michelle said. “She is so loveable and whatever was in her past, it certainly doesn't stop her from loving you one-hundred percent.”

Michelle says Olivia is easy to please, but dedicated to her routine, waiting at the bottom of the stairs each morning for somebody to come down.

“That wagging tail thumping at the bottom of the stairs is the best thing to get you up every morning,” she added.

Olivia has proven herself to be a fast learner, and has learned words and commands such as sit, lay down, roll over, walk, breakfast and treat. She is still working on paw, but has mastered ‘fetch’ and also can’t get enough walks in a day.

Michelle also highlighted Olivia’s gentle and quiet nature.

“She is extremely gentle with children, even when her big ears and long tail are very attractive to little ones. My dad also calls her ‘spy dog’ because she can walk up without a sound, and rarely ever barks,” Michelle added.

Olivia came to the ISPCA from a home in which the owners were unable to look after her and the litter of ten puppies she had just given birth to.

She and her puppies were looked after in the ISPCA National Animal Centre in Longford, and Olivia and four of her pups have gone on to find loving homes.

However, Marley, Sawyer, Starla, Parker, Finley and Alexis are still waiting for their lucky days when they get to meet their forever families.  Can you offer any of these fun-loving, energetic pups a home? Visit our rehoming pages.

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