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In November of last year the ISPCA Inspectors raided a puppy farm in Co. Tipperary, rescuing a large number of dogs, totalling 50. The raid was featured in TV3’s Animal A & E programme and as shown, the conditions of both the surroundings and the dogs was atrocious.

In that raid a number of large breed dogs were rescued including a beautiful female 1 yr old Husky Noriko.

Noriko and four more female Husky’s were found in a small pen, living in their own filth, their coats were matted and covered in their own excrement and they were petrified. These poor dogs had to be carried out as they didn’t know what a lead was let alone walk on one. They received veterinary care at our centre, good food, training and encouragement and lots of love.

These dogs were in need of loving committed homes to take them on and thankfully over some time we found just that. For Noriko she firmly fell on all four feet when the O ‘Carroll family came through our doors. Noriko could not have been luckier; the kind family continued her veterinary treatment and nursed her back to full health.

Tina recently sent us in this beautiful photograph of Noriko living the life she deserved where she has daily runs on the local beach. We were blessed to have met them and were overjoyed to adopt Noriko to this fabulous family.



Noriko asleep with her pal

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