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Nana and Nuka enjoying their new loving home

Nana and Nuka have settled in so well in their new home. Nana settled in immediately, she seemed to have no fear and nothing but boundless curiosity for everything. For the first few days she followed my every move, as if processing and storing all the new information. She is also more tech savvy than me- within the first two days she had locked me out of my computer and then turned the screen upside-down! One of the best things in the first days was seeing her race down the hall at full speed, she seemed to get such delight out of the freedom to run at will!


Nuka was a little slower to adjust. She found a little space to hide initially but after a short time we had a break though and she finally had the courage to sit up on the sofa beside me. The three of us enjoy a bit of telly together, and the pair of them are best buddies, as evidence by the sofa photo.  


Thank you so much! x

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