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Mr Darcy

Mr Darcy came to the ISPCA in 2007 as a `difficult’ horse. He was “broken” by a rough unscrupulous dealer and had learned the hard way that humans brought nothing but pain and misery. Aggressive and emotionally shut down this poor pony desperately needed help before it was too late.

Darcy was introduced to the fantastic methods of Positive horsemanship during a course run at the NAC by Vanessa Bee. It wasn’t long before Mr. Darcy realized that it was ok to be himself and started to interact with his handlers without the constant fear of punishment. Over the next few months Darcy was allowed to just be a horse and enjoyed his new role as leader of the herd of colts which he excelled at. A mixture of discipline and a great sense of fun and mischief made him an ideal candidate for the job of educating and watching over the younger boys.

Sheena Twist of Clare animal welfare than offered a foster place over the winter for Darcy and continued his rehabilitation as part of a mixed herd.

Heather McReynolds of Equine Touch Ireland visited Darcy on several occasions and decided he needed more intensive treatment and kindly fostered Darcy at her home so she could work on him daily. He improved wonderfully in her care and finally when the time was right Heather found him the perfect forever home where he is adored, allowed to be himself and kept mentally and physically active.

The ISPCA would like to offer it sincere appreciation to Sheena Twist of Clare Animal Welfare, Vanessa Bee of Positive horsemanship and Heather McReynolds of Equine Touch for their time and expert help with Mr. Darcy. When the ISPCA and individuals with passion and talent come together great things happen for the animals that depend so much on us for their happiness and well being.


“I adopted Darcy 3months ago as he had been a companion horse and hadn’t really had much ridden work. However, since coming to his new home he has excelled in dressage, working hunter and showjumping, and is a very popular pony. He is a lovable cheeky chap who exudes presence and is known and loved by everyone. It has been very rewarding to be able to give such a wonderful boy a second chance and I hope to have many years of fun yet to come.”
Amanda Davison

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