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A lovely heartwarming update on Misty

Misty has made a remarkable recovery since her rescue and she gradually gained weight during her rehabilitation at the National Animal Centre.

She has since been responsibly rehomed and here is what her new owners had to say: "We are absolutely delighted with her. Misty is a lovely dog and is very friendly. She gets on great with our other animals since she came to live with us. She loves her walks and lots of cuddles. She is such a great pet and is loved by the whole family. Thank you ISPCA"

Read Misty's rescue story here and the outcome of the court case here

Misty was adopted by the Flanagan family and here is what they have to say one year on after adopting the adorable girl.

“When we adopted Misty from the ISPCA National Animal Centre last July, she was a little shy at first and it took a little while for her to fully mix with our existing family pets. We slowly introduced her and before long she full immersed herself in our family life. She is full of mischief and running about with our other dogs and enjoying her family walks.  She can be a hyper dog but she has a big heart and visitors to our house comment firstly on her beauty and are surprised to find out that she is a rescue dog stating how calm and playful she is. We’ve had Misty a year now she has grown into the beautiful, playful dog we have today”. 

~The Flanagan family~


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