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A quick update on the lovely Misty - she is settling in really well. Max was a bit jealous at first (a few low throated growls) but he was completely taken aback when she ran into our house the first time and promptly started eating his food! Take about gob-smacked - he just stood there and stared at her in utter disbelief! I nearly died laughing.

She was a bit unsettled on Friday - very needy and all over the show but today (Sunday) we can already see a huge improvement. She is hardly jumping up at all anymore and she has calmed down a lot. She is loving her walks with her big brother Max and they are really getting on fine. They are not best buddies just yet but Max is now very tolerant as opposed to annoyed!


I wish I had had my camera on hand from Friday but I have only just started to take a few photos which I am sending on to you.

She is so lovely and so pretty - when we walked her and Max up through Mallow town on early Saturday morning she got many admiring comments from people. Max is no longer the star of the show!


Thanks again to you all at the ISPCA for the brilliant work you do with all the animals.

I will continue to keep you posted on Misty.

Kind regards

Debbie, Alan, Max & Misty

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