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Miss Misty

So sorry its taken this long to write to you, but its just 3 months now that we have Misty and it feels like she has been with us forever.

From the minute we arrived home with Misty, she settled in to her new home without any problem whatsoever. She has not caused us one problem since she's been here and has brought a whole lot of love an affection with her. She loves and looks out for our children and they adore her. She loves her walks and is very often the centre of attention with people stopping us on the street to admire her! But above all she loves being around us, and close to us, and will rub her head up against us if she is not getting enough cuddles! She has changed our lives since she's come and as I said she fitted in as a member of the family straight away, it feels like we always had her.

She is such a good natured, affectionate and well behaved Dog that we have been truly blessed! But a lot of this I'm sure has come from the time she has spent in Keenagh and the professional and personal care and love she received while she was with you! We just want to say a Big Thank You for Misty, and we attach a few photos of her which I hope will make you very proud! Thanks again & take care.

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