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Miles and Davis and loving life in their new home

Just a quick update on Miles and Davis who are now renamed after my favourite jazz musician. They've settled in really well; Miles was friendly from the outset, Davis was very wary for a day or two but he's quite at home now, very active and energetic and certainly no longer shy. Within the first week they became comfortable enough to come and sleep on my bed. They have both familiarized themselves with the house now and have a range of 'favourite spots' where they like to curl up, or lie on the windowsills.


I think that they are both pretty contented, they eat really well, always a good sign, and they're very keen on playing, both with me and with each other, and there's plenty of room for them to run around when they want to. It's good that they are such close friends. 

They've adapted well, and quickly, to a different environment, and I'm delighted to have them.  From Kathy. 

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