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Max the Golden Oldie Labrador has found a puppy friend who keeps him young

17 OCTOBER 2018

Max the golden oldie Labrador has grown into a bit of a doggy dad since he was adopted from the ISPCA. In August his family introduced a puppy, called Rosie who is full of mischief and has become Max’s shadow in the few weeks she has been home.  

“Where there’s a Max, there’s also a Rosie,” said Max’s owner Susanna. “She’ll play with our other dog Zoe, but she follows Max every step he takes.”

Rosie and Max love playing outside or curling up together. Zoe, Max and Rosie are happy to collapse into a dog pile at the end of an adventurous day.

Max has grown into a healthy, lovely dog since he arrived in his forever home. He has a gentle nature, and the family say he can be a bit silly at times. 

Max loves his food and comforts, and brings a great deal of fun to his family.

“He loves the sofa,” said Susanna. “He would reside on it permanently if we let him.”

“Keep up your good work, and we thank you all for our Maxie boy,” she added.

Thanks, Susanna for the update!

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