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Max is ‘the equine version of a big, happy dog’ seven years after adoption

Mark and Lisa adopted their beloved horse, Max, from the ISPCA seven years ago.

“We couldn’t tell you how much joy and happiness he has brought to our lives,” Mark said.

Mark said the family only go on “equine-based” holidays, so they are able to bring Max and their dogs along.

“He’s turned into the equine version of a big, happy dog,” he added.

Max also competes regularly at riding club events, and wins ribbons the odd time. 

“We were very lucky to get Max,” Mark said. “Lisa is a good bit smaller than me, and Max is 17.2 hands. She still rides him now and again, and he’s a perfect gent.”

We couldn’t be happier to hear that one of our equines is leading such a happy life where he is loved and cared for! Thank you Mark and Lisa for the update.

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