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Marvelous Murphy is living his best life in Donegal

Murphy, an elderly collie dog, was found by An Garda Síochána in Millfield last December wondering the streets.  Murphy was brought into their care and was fed and watered and got a good nights rest at the station. He then spent his required five days in the local dog pound but sadly, nobody came forward to claim him, following an appeal to locate his owner. 

Murphy then became part of the ISPCA's Animal Rehabilitation Centre's family in Donegal where he received the very best of care, love and attention.  Murphy was thin on arrival so our dedicated animal carers ensured that he spent the coming weeks gaining weight, following a good nutritious diet.  Once he was vaccinated, microchipped and neutered, the ISPCA began a search to find him a special new home.

We were delighted to receive this adorable happy tail from Murphy's new family.  Here is what they had to say:

"Murphy has settled in so well. When we saw the appeal for a home on the ISPCA's Donegal Facebook page back in February, our hearts melted. He was adorable and just looked like he needed a loving place to live so we arranged to visit him at the Centre. What hit us first was how well the staff cared for him and the love he got from all the staff there, he was such a dote. Myself and my daughter needed no convincing that he was coming home to join our family. It took a few weeks to get him here due to unforeseen circumstances but when the home check was completed and we got the all clear, home he came! He was a bit unsure of the stairs at first but after a few days he’s flying it. He is just great and such a lovely old boy. He loves his walks on the beach and above all chilling in front of the fire. So the moral of the story is, a dog is never too old to join a family.  He’s very deaf but that’s not an issue. He might be old but he’s a treasure for keeps. Thank you so much to Denise and all the staff for the wonderful work you all do. We are very grateful." Patricia, Alanna & Cathal.

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