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Hi Guys

Just wanted to drop you a mail and let you know how our little man is getting on now.

It's been nearly 3 weeks that he's been living with us. Mario is barrel of fun loves to chew but thankfully he's sticking to his toys for the moment. He's just the best doggy that we could have asked for loves to run and is already walking beside us on the lead. He's as stubborn as I am so sometimes there can be a bit of a stand off. I'm winning more and more these days. smile he knows I'm a big softy. He's very smart and always finds a way to be cute right after he does something bold. He has however been christened sir windy bottom, as he almost has to run away from himself some times. Who knew pups were so flatulent. Between that and the snoring he's quiet a character but I'm wouldn't change him for the world. As soon as the fire goes on in the evening its tough to get him up from in front of it. He loves his comfort. Can't wait to spend the rest of his life with him.

Thanks for letting us have him
All the best
Deirdre and Luke

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