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Marbles and Magic

Marbles and Magic were adopted last year and have clearly settled right in at home with their loving family.

"We wanted to tell you just how well our two kittens, Marbles and Magic, are settling in. They have been affectionately named 'The Goblins' as they are into absolutely everything. They tear around like lunatics disrupting everything they come into contact with. They are fascinated with water and Marbles loves nothing better than splashing the water from the bathroom tap all over the place. They are so affectionate and purr extremely loudly, especially first thing in the morning. The two little monkeys love our dog and other cat, Marbles likes to touch everything, he never misses a chance to put his paw on Belle, our dog. Our other cat, Gizmo, doesn't know what to make of them. Marbles loves to fall asleep between us on the sofa and Magic loves to lie in front of the fire.
They have given us so much enjoyment over the past few weeks, we have laughed so much at their antics. Thank you so much."

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