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Luna’s family are delighted to have adopted an older kitten

15 FEBRUARY 2019

Luna the kitten wants nothing more than to play 24/7, according to her adopters.

The lucky family who adopted Luna opted for a kitten that was eight months old, rather than one that was younger, because they both knew they didn’t have the time to devote to socialising and training a younger kitten.

“We opted to rehome a ‘teenage’ kitten, and we are delighted we did,” says Luna’s new family.

“Her personality had already developed, and she’s her own woman. She is independent, but very affectionate,” they added.

Luna is the sister to a pair of ginger kittens, Biscuit and Pebbles, who were adopted together from the ISPCA Donegal Animal Rehabilitation Centre.

“Staff at the shelter were  incredibly helpful, and a great source of information,” said Luna’s adopters.

Thank you so much for the lovely update on Luna!

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