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We brought Lottie home on Sunday and I just wanted to give you an idea of how she's settling in to her life with us.

She had an interesting start to the journey which made us glad that we had lots of newspaper and towels etc. with us but, by the time we got half way back to Bray, she was stretching out with her forepaws on me having a rest on the back seat. When we got her home, we put her straight in the bath and she looks better for a bit of a scrub! She was very excited to meet our Honey-dog again and gave her a lot of attention - probably far more than Honey wanted - and played with the children for a while. She settled down in her new bed easily enough when she had had some dinner and seems to be sleeping alright at night, although she's probably not napping quite enough during the daytime just yet.


Dave has decided that her name will be Fudge from now on. We disagree about this slightly! I think she will be too big to be called Fudge but it certainly suits her at present. She seems really happy with us, loves her toys and her new friend Honey, and is having lots of fun finding twigs and bits of sticks in the back garden to chew. (Evidently a Kong toy isn't always quite what you need when you're feeling like gnawing!) She also found a frisbee yesterday that my daughter thought she had lost. All in all, she's doing very well and, when we have taken her for short walks on her lead, she has been exceedingly well behaved. Her eye seems to be clearing a little more each day which we're really pleased about too.

Thanks for all your help and for taking such good care of Fudge until she could come home.


All the best,

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