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Last January ISPCA inspector Kevin McGinley responded to a call concerning a pony in poor condition. Upon arrival Kevin discovered a small bay pony mare in a shocking state. Lola, as she was later named, was immediately taken into the care of the ISPCA and transported to the National Animal Centre in Longford. Our vet examined her and discovered she was in her early twenties, emaciated with very poor dental health, crawling with lice and infested with worms. The poor little pony would not have survived the harsh weather without immediate treatment and lots of intensive care.

Thankfully Lola went on to make a lovely recovery with the help of ISPCA foster person Barbara Algar who offered a warm stable and much needed TLC to help Lola’s rehabilitation. Lola was than ready for a new home which she was offered by Francoise Perry in Cavan as a companion to her elderly donkey. Lola has settled in well and has become quite a little madam ruling the roost! It is wonderful to see this little old lady looking so well and know that she will never again feel cold, hungry or unloved.

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