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Hi there guys, just to let you know that j lo is settling in nicely, she is a little shy and nervous but extremely loving and affectionate and will, I have no doubt really come into her own in another week or two.  we are delighted to have the opportunity to take her into our home and thank you for your valued input, enclosed some pic's,


Hi , just thought I would give you an update on J lo,  We now have her 9 weeks and how that time has flown, We had a little difficulty integrating her with our other cat Daisy during the first few weeks so she was mostly kept indoors, I then began to feed them both in the same room though far apart and slowly over a week moved their bowls closer together, then I got both of them to play with a string and this worked a treat because I think any agression (on Daisy's part) or nervousness (on J lo's part) was quickly forgotten when food and fun came to the fore, to cut a long story short these "meet and greet" sessions became a regular feature each day for 2 weeks and now I found them both asleep together in their beds today in the glass house in the sunshine. a positive outcome.  J lo is so relaxed now and loving and has put on weight, she is gorgeous and we are delighted with her,  She is friends with our jack russell and collie as well so all and all a great success,  You all do a wonderful job!


Many thanks and kind regards,



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