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It took Reba 18 months to fully trust her new family after the ISPCA rescued her from a puppy farm

23 FEBRUARY 2019

Even after they received the veterinary all-clear from the ISPCA, for many of the dogs rescued from the Myshall, Carlow puppy farm being adopted was only the beginning. Growing into loving, trusting, confident pets was a long journey after the  traumatic conditions they experienced. Thanks to the love, patience and kindness of her adopters, Reba is one rescued dog who learned to trust again.

“When Reba arrived she was an incredibly shy, nervous and traumatised little dog,” said adopter Jackie.

According to Jackie, Reba was afraid of nearly everything, especially men.

“Within a few weeks she had bonded very well with me, but she remained cautious around my husband and our son,” Jackie added.

It took this little dog roughly 18 months of patience and caring to begin trusting people again. Now, after more than 3 years with her forever family, Reba has grown into a sweet, gentle girl who loves hugs and cuddles.

Every day she looks forward to her walks, and she gets on well with the Bichon her family adopted from the ISPCA a few months later.  

“We could not imagine our lives without Reba and Abby, they are our little family.  We love them both so much. A big thank you to the ISPCA for your wonderful gift,” said Jackie.

Thank you to Jackie for the update, and thank you to all of the kind hearted adopters who stepped up in 2015 to adopt the dogs from this rescue, and give them the time and care they needed to become trusting, happy pets!

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