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Before: Getting groomed 

After: Hatashi in her new home

“Hi all,


Here are some pics of our little tashi (whom we took home on the 6th Feb. 2011) after her hair grew back, I am going to forward you on pictures of her skin condition which she really suffered from. I have to say the pics don’t do her coat `justice; she is looking really well and is the funniest character. She went through a tough time with her skin but with the proper treatment she is in top form, she is still nervous and very aware of every sound but day by day she gets better. She loves to run and play and gets really excited when she sees an open green field (very funny), she is very fast and uses her back legs like a Kangaroo ha ha. Tashi and our male Gunnar are inseperable, she follows him around like his shadow and gives a little howl if she can’t find him.

I would like to thank you for putting tashi (Hatashi) into our care, I couldn’t imagine her not being with us, thank you again and we would love to bring her for a visit to you some day smile


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