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Just wanted to send you a mail to let you know how Harper was doing as im sure you have been wondering all wkend. Well she has settled in great, the first nite she cried all through the night but i was trying to be strong, Sunday night we put 2 teddies, a baby blanket and a cot bumper padding for underneath the newspaper in the crate for her and she didnt make a sound until she heard her daddy come down to feed her at 8am so it was great, we kinda have her in her routine now, we play with her for the last hour before bed at 11am and then she sleeps til nearly 8am, she plays with the straws Amy (my daughter) got her slush puppy straws as they are colourful and thicker haha she plays with a ball of wall and she loves my slippers which are like sheep, i was sitting on the couch lastnight and seen my slippers move along the floor and sure enough there she was dragging them along. Her dadddy has fallen inlove big time actually we all have but i cant believe how soft he is with her, im the stern one. although i think im her favourite as if she is on anyones knee on the couch she will always make her way back over to me its hilarious.

Was she being fed from her bed all the time by the way as she has to have her bowl right beside her bed - unless she doesnt like the cold tiles while she is eating? Also she likes us to feed her from our hands, was she being fed from your hands or is she playing us?

She goes out the back garden but only if she has company and it has to be me or Dave if its the kids she cries for us but i think thats cos we were the ones who looked after her all wkend.
She is settling in great and we are loving having her there, i miss her so much today since i had to come back to work but her daddys looking after her for me.

She does do her wee most of the time on the newspaper but the number 2 happens everywhere but that will all take time.

We are leaving her in the kitchen after each meal until she does a poo anyway. We havent been able to bring her for a walk yet as her neck is too tiny and teh collars too big its hilarious.

Yesterday when we went trick or treating (early at 4) we left the radio on for her so she wouldnt hear the bangers or anything and when i came back she was all cosy asleep in her bed, she is gas. Oh yeah and when i was making the dinner i had Enrique Iglesias on and i was dancing, she started barking at me and when i lifted her up to dance with me she was delighted, so she is a dancer grin grin

We are going to enroll her in all the classes possible and get her used to other dogs and all.

She is really thriving and having a great time with plenty of love,attention and affection. We all call her our baby and the kids are calling her their sister LOL--


Lorraine Carraher

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